building and leading design teams

I like the creativity emerging from multidisciplinary teams: data scientists, developers and designers working together building products people love to use.
I drive projects at a strategic level but I enjoy tangible outcomes with rapid prototyping and testing. I love lean and agile approaches.

  • Head of Service Design

    Defining the Service Design offer, building and leading the Service Design team - Managing design projects - Participating in business development (assessment of clients needs and pitches).

    GSN - APG - Arcadis - Nuon - Liander - KLM - DLL Group

    MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive - Amterdam, Netherlands

    Apr. 2017 TODAY

  • UX / IxD Architect - international digital strategy / mobile solutions

    UX Lead on mobile and web projects - User Research - Concepting - Wireframes - User Testing - UX Mentoring for International teams (South America, Asia and Europe).

    Aegon - Knab

    MOBGEN - Amterdam, Netherlands

    Jul. 2016 Apr. 2017

  • Lead UX designer / UX strategist
    crowdfunding - fintech products

    Lead UX design - Business Analysis - UX guidance and mentoring - Scrum.

    Symbid - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Oct. 2015 Jun. 2016

  • UX designer / UX strategist for mobile concepts

    New business strategy - Mobile audit processes - Service design (mobile / tablets) - Content Strategy.

    Orange - Energeo - Institut Pasteur

    Pocket Prod - Paris, France

    Feb. 2015 Sept. 2015

  • Design Delivery Manager
    Orange Cloud - D&U group

    UX/UI Delivery Management for Orange's Cloud Service on mobiles, tablets, web, desktop, TV (France and Europe) - Team management.

    Orange - Paris, France

    Feb. 2014 Feb. 2015

  • UX/UI designer consultant on quality management tools

    Usability audit - UX design - Responsive design - transfert of skills

    Kingfisher, Metro Cash & Carry, Carrefour, Intermarche, Systeme U

    Art - Aix-en-Provence, France

    Oct. 2013 Dec. 2013

  • UX designer / UX strategist on a mobile engagement solution

    User research - UX/UI design - Product Improvment roadmap - Agile mode (Scrum) with teams in France and worlwide.

    Microsoft Mobile Azure Engagement (Capptain) - Paris, France

    Apr. 2013 Sept. 2013

  • Founder & UX/UI designer of a web agency

    Business development - Customers relations - UX/UI design - Tech and creative teams management.

    Softway Medical, SPIR Communication, and SMEs with long-lasting customer relationships.

    Pickabee - Aix-en-Provence, France

    Jan. 2005 Aug. 2013

  • Designer

    Creative collaboration on design and copy writing for new products - Photo editing - Webmastering - Aix-en-Provence, France

    Sept. 2001 Feb. 2004

  • Photographer

    Contemporary dance photographer - Several publications in papers, magazines, books.

    Freelance - Aix-en-Provence, France

    Aug. 1999 Dec 2004


I have a Master in Interactive Design Management and a Master in Psychologie.
I am curious and like to understand how things work and how they are done... so I never miss an opportunity to learn.
I am currently learning to code in swift mobile apps.


Karine has carried out a service design mission for one of our clients. Her strong knowledge of the design thinking process was key to generate highly valuable user insights and new ideas for the design of the service. Karine never gives-up when it comes to details. It is a strong quality in the field of service innovation. It was a pleasure to work with her. She proved to have a natural ability to team up with everybody and to build easy relationships.

Philippe Cossé

Philippe Cossé,
owner at Pocket Production

Karine completely redefined what User Experience meant at Capptain, not only interface but every interactions, and did it with great success. She has this rare ability to both constantly keep the big picture in mind and then focus on details. I'd be more than happy to work again with Karine in the future.

Karl Piteira

Karl Piteira,
Microsoft Azure Mobile Engagement Product Owner

Karine was a great addition to our team, she has a no nonsense attitude and is determined to get the data to allow for the best decisions. She truly changed our entire company and took us to a new level of evaluating and planning User Experience. An absolute pleasure to work with and a great attitude that would fit into any team.

Rafael Dohms

Rafael Dohms,
Lead developper at Symbid

Karine has been the DDM in my design team for a year. She was very professional, efficient, quick and displayed a diplomatic attitude that contributed a lot to a constructive relationship with her co-workers and the stakeholders. Her strong and acute sense of what a good UX should be has helped our design production to remain rigorous and high standard. I would strongly recommend Karine as a DDM and also as a UX team leader.

Regis Gargot

Régis Gargot,
Lead Design at Orange

My collaboration with Karine started in 2007 for the creation of our website and has continued since. The qualities I value most in Karine are her reactivity, her efficiency, competence and ability to listen to customer needs. Furthermore, she has good interpersonal skills. I encourage you to work with her.

Agnes Portal

Agnes Portal,
CEO & founder at Suxeed

Karine joined my teams several times during the last few years as a technical expert and advisor. She has helped industrialize a custom layout in a complex application (1000+ screens), supported and trained other people (integrators / developers) and successfully managed ux projects (cross platforms - ERP + high traffic). Her technical expertise around web technologies is rare and well recognized. Being brilliant at management and overwhelming familiar with the digital world, she is a critical asset for any project's successful path.

Anthony Chamas

Anthony Chamas,
Middleware Coordinator - eCommerce at Richemont

Karine is one of the people who engage and who can count. She acts with precision and responsiveness. She actively participates in the dynamics and the life of the team with humor and her open-mindedness. She knows how to deal with technical challenges and deadlines with ingenuity and determination. She often enabled us to find the best option for a specific functional need. She shared her knowledge and trained several employees for front-end design. She is not only interested in the technological aspects of projects but strikes their most strategic dimensions.

Marion Follin

Marion Follin,
Project Owner at Spir Communication

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I am based in Amsterdam.
I also spend time in Paris and in Aix-en-Provence.

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